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Job: Senior Software Engineer, Backend

Full Time
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About Us

Our client is on a mission to decrease the amount of human labor needed in advanced finance (e.g., investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, etc…). They’ve built the world’s most powerful AI for advanced finance on the heels of generative AI and are distributing it as software, enabling workflow automation.

Their culture is one that starts with mutual respect and prioritizing health and family. These are indispensable as our client is executing and building at a significant pace, even for Silicon Valley standards. Without this foundation of respect and well-being, there is no reasonable way they could execute at the level and pace that they expect.

Currently, they are oversubscribed, with customers that are well-known in finance, and are working on a partnership with one of the world’s largest tech companies for distribution. Our client has raised significant capital from top-tier venture and angel investors while assembling a world-class team. As a result, our client is currently in heads-down building mode, focused on our mission of building a generational company that redefines what it means to “work” in one of the oldest industries in the world.

Once you join, you’ll work with an elite group of engineers who are alumni of the world’s most respected technology companies and universities. 

Your Role

As a generalist backend engineer, you will build the AI-powered financial analysis platform that will redefine an entire industry. You’ll have the opportunity to reimagine and realize what an elite platform looks like and set the course for how highly scalable, reliable, and robust applications are built and deployed. The majority of the work is in Python, with some in React. Despite the deep technical bench and product, they are in fact selling trust more than anything else, i.e., do our customers trust the quality of the output enough to save them significant time? Since they’re reinventing an industry and approaching the problem in the exact opposite way compared to almost all other generative AI companies, there is no “ideal spec.” 

Your Responsibilities

  • Design and build robust products, with end-to-end solutions that are low latency, high availability, reliable, observable, and scalable.
  • Build core abstractions for the product codebase, while maintaining a good balance between generalization, readability, maintainability, and speed of execution.
  • Write well-designed, typed, testable code.
  • Help us figure out how to evolve the product and the user experience in tandem with developing it.
  • Enforce security posture around infrastructure security, data protection, and compliance.
  • Help us grow the team and establish a great engineering culture.

About You

  • At least 3-7 years of experience in Software Engineering.
  • Fluent in Python and can hit the ground running in a Python codebase.
  • A top-percentile programmer who is adept at finding efficient solutions to hard problems.
  • Have high standards for the quality, pace, and consistency of your work and expect the same from your peers.
  • Have a high sense of ownership in your work.
  • Find fulfillment in working together as a team and delivering customer impact.
  • Optionally, but preferentially, have experience building applications from the ground up where requirements were ambiguous and needed to be defined.
  • Optionally, but preferentially, have strong dev-ops experience.